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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ News ~
Posted on Mar 13th, 2015 Comments (0)
Two cars are directly involved in at least one of the recent break-ins in the Lakepoint area. If you see one or both of these cars or know of their whereabouts, please call 911 immediately. One is a blue Subaru; the other a silver Audi.
When you see a suspicious car or person, get all the information you can: license tag, color and make of car, description of suspicious person -- all of this may be helpful to the police.
Posted on Mar 5th, 2015 Comments (1)
Pat Boyarski, Country Walk, recently captured these photos in Lakepoint. Obviously, these great Bald Eagles love Lakepoint as much as the residents!
Posted on Mar 4th, 2015 Comments (0)
The following letter is from Officer Eric Noak regarding the recent break-ins reported in Lakepoint:
I would advise residents to use alarm systems if they have them, even if they are just leaving the house for a short period of time.  There were two break-ins, one on Linden Cr and one on Cross Creek and it appears that both of them occurred within the same time frame.  At this point they might be linked to several other burglaries in the City.  The suspect may be a black male in his 40’s, about 6’5 and weighing around 250 pounds.  If the burglaries are related, they are usually occurring during daytime hours while people are at work during the weekdays.  Any resident who doesn’t work the normal 8-5, keep any eye out for your neighbors.  If you are at home and someone you don’t recognize knocks on your door, you don’t have to answer it but let them know someone is home.  We think the suspects are knocking on front doors and then if no one answers they go around back and force their way in.  Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.
Officer Eric Noack #2108
Bomb Squad/Patrol East Community Policing
(316) 688-9545
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2015 Comments (0)
Three different break-ins in Lakepoint  have occurred in the last few days. Two were this morning (Monday, March 2). One, happened early this morning on Linden. A large pot was thrown through a glass door. All rooms were ransacked and jewelry was stolen. The second break-in happened shortly after the first break-in  -- mid-morning to early-afternoon. This was in the 1100 block of Cypress in Country Walk. Someone kicked in the garage door and went through the house. Entry was probably from the back yard. Nothing was stolen. Last week -- maybe Thursday or Friday -- around 11:30 at night in the 1000 block of Gatewood Court in Country Walk, the homeowner's car had windows broken out. A purse and a jacket was stolen. About a month ago, a Gatewood resident, who was warming up his car in the garage, had his car stolen
Please keep a watch on your house and your neighbors' houses. Look for unfamiliar cars parked in your street. If you detect a break-in of your house, call 911. Don't enter until the police arrive.
This is getting to be a serious problem. Please be ultra-aware and be safe.  UPDATE: For the next week or so, the police will patrol our area more heavily. The officer for our police beat (Beat 39) is Eric Noack. The fastest way to reach him is through email.
Since this happened, we are hearing from several neighbors who have experienced break-ins or attempted mail theft recently. If you are a victim in the future, email the board by clicking HERE and let us know about it, so we can pass the information along to all residents. Or, you can add a message to this website on your own. Click on "Message Board" on the left menu panel, then click on "Start a new topic." 
Posted on Jan 20th, 2015 Comments (0)
A coyote was spotted walking down a road in Cross Creek this month (January) and in the past, coyotes came close to carrying off a Cross Creek resident's dog. Keep this in mind if you have small pets. Keep an eye on them even within your fenced yard.

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Thursday, April 16th, 7 pm at 8080 E Central #200 office of Steve Thomas
Lakepoint residents are welcome to attend the April meeting of the Lakepoint Master HOA.  once the agenda is available, you may view it by clicking HERE. 

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Thanks for helping. These reports can expedite repairs and save your association unnecessary expenses, such as wasted water or burned-out pump motors.
Report trash and litter in commons
An area resident sweeps Lakepoint for litter regularly, but If you see a large amount of trash littering the streets or common areas, call Jordan at 634-0590.

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