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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ News ~
Posted on Oct 21st, 2015 Comments (0)
While the turnout for the Lakepoint Annual meeting was small, the highlights from the meeting were big.
Two new Master Board members were elected: Jeff Spahn, Gatewood; and Jeff Arbuckle, Bradford Place, are both new to the board, however, Jeff Spahn has served on the Master Board several years ago. Also elected to remain on the board are Don Hysko, Autumn Chase, and Carolyn Ramsey, Country Walk. Continuing their terms are Carol Nelson, Woodcrest; Gerald Morton, Gatewood and Cindy Lygrisse, Woodland Estates. Officers of the board will be named in January.
Projects completed in the past year include:
  • Successfully voted on amended bylaws for Lakepoint.
  • Switched insurance carrier, saving several thousand dollars a year. The policy also covers D&O insurance for neighborhood boards, saving them several hundred dollars a year and provides better coverage overall.
  • Distributed new printed directories
  • Landscaped Turtle Pond sidewalk area
  • Replenished mulch over large areas
  • Repaired dam at Autumn Lake
  • Placed bench and boulders at south end of Honeysuckle Lake in appreciation of Jack Ritchie's service on Master Board
  • Removed deteriorated reatining wall at Bradford Place
  • Leveled sidewalks
  • Converted some patyway lights to LED. Ongoing project.
  • Replaced waterfall pump
  • Relocated resident geese and continued lasar patrol
  • Hired Securitas as on call help for out-of-area-fisherman and solicitors  
In 2016, the board plans to tackle replacement of pine trees lost to pine wilt, add mulch along 13th street and start ground cover in some of the shady areas.
Posted on Oct 12th, 2015 Comments (0)
Lakepoint residents recently voted to accept the amendments to the bylaws for Lakepoint.
The amended bylaws passed with 365 valid "yes" votes which is 56% of all possible votes from the entire Lakepoint community. There were 17 valid "no" votes. 
Not counted in the tally of votes were 18 invalid "yes" votes, two invalid "no" votes and two invalid "blank" votes. Except for the two blank votes, the rest of the invalid votes were either missing or had illegible postmarks.
Once the official certifications have been completed on the amended bylaws, a copy of those bylaws will be posted under "Documents" on this website. If you do not have access to a computer, you may request a printed copy by emailing your request by clicking HERE.
Thanks to all who voted. Your votes have enabled Lakepoint's bylaws to be in compliance with the Kansas HOA law.
Posted on Apr 24th, 2015 Comments (0)
It's OK to invite a friend to fish in Lakepoint lakes, however, you must accompany them while they are fishing. When asked, some fishermen will name a Lakepoint resident and that resident has never met the person! If you see someone who appears to be an unauthorized out-of-area fisherman or a solicitor, report the person or people and their location to a Master Board member by clicking HERE. A board member will then call Lakepoint's on-call security service to approach them.
Posted on Apr 10th, 2015 Comments (0)
Fall brings garage sales and following these garage sale guidelines is important to prevent a clutter of signs at our entrances. Click on "Read More" below to read these guidelines:

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~ Landscape/Irrigation Issues ~
Click here to contact the Lakepoint Master HOA Board if you see the following:
  • Water leaks
  • Poorly aimed sprinklers
  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Downed tree limbs
  • Waterfall water flow slowing down
  • Turtle Pond fountain water flow slowing down
  • Lights out
  • Vandalism
  • Significant plant distress
  • Significant lawn maintenance problems
Thanks for helping. These reports can expedite repairs and save your association unnecessary expenses, such as wasted water or burned-out pump motors.
Report trash and litter in commons
An area resident sweeps Lakepoint for litter regularly, but If you see a large amount of trash littering the streets or common areas, call Jordan at 634-0590.

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